Aalangudi (Guru)

Aalangudi (Guru) – The Aabatshayeswarar temple at Aalangudi bears a shrine to Dakshinamurthy and is reffered to as the Guruastalam (17 Km). Once the devas and asuras boiling parkadal to take amudham while that the Vasuki bickering out the poision.Lord Shiva had that poision and saved the devas.Therefore this place has been called Alangudi.Ala means poision.So the Lord Shiva known as Abathsahayeswarar which means one who help at critical situations.There is also a saying that Lord Ganesha destroyed Gajamuhasuran in this place.So this Vinayagar called as “Kalangamal Kaaththa Vinayagar”.Once Mother Parvathy made penance to marry Lord Shiva here so this place also called as Thirumana mangalam.